Connect to Grow 2

Higher Level Communication Skills

This is a programme specifically designed for people who are presenting on a regular basis. People who are experienced presenters and who now need to raise their presentation skills to the next level.

This is an opportunity to develop a winning presentation or to re-enthuse yourself about your existing presentation and make it into a presentation that impresses and influences on a regular basis.

Connect 2 Grow ² dramatically raises your presentation levels helping you to connect and grow your business

With this programme each presentation will be recorded and reviewed privately with an experienced coach who will provide positive and immediate feedback. A picture paints a thousand words, so very quickly we can review your strengths and weaknesses increasing your strengths and work on the areas that need improvement to make you into a winning presenter.

“Andrew works with you as a speaker to help you engage your audiences in a wonderful two way conversation. His creative and generous advice allows you to grow and shine as a speaker. He is totally committed to your success. Every speaker wanting to get to the next level in their career should spend time with Andrew.”

Veronica Canning- Speaker & Author