Colm Courtney MD

Andrew Keogh changed my business and my outlook on where I’m going.

@DragonsDenRTE #ddirl.

I used Andrew and Aristo to prepare my pitch for going on @DragonsDenRTE #ddirl. In just a 2 minute pitch the Dragons had been captivated and entertained. I was just the messenger but Andrew was the story teller. My pitch was simple, easy to get and entertaining.

Needless to say Andrew  from Aristo got me €100,000 for spending less than an hour with him. He is truly gifted in what he does.

I met Andrew by introduction through @PropelNI. He has the unique talent and gift of seeing your business in the simplest form. He has a natural ability of telling your story and make magical images with simple words.

I’m telling my story in the simplest form thanks to Andrew and that way the customer gets it! In turn I get sales, investment and growth thanks to @aristoc2g.