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Seminar on Public Tendering Reforms

15th July – Dublin Chamber of Commerce

Preparing for Reform of the Public Tendering Market
Proposed reforms in public tendering will have a major impact on tendering in Ireland.

The Office of Government Procurement, set up in 2014, aims to cut public expenditure using smarter procurement techniques. In future, fewer tenders of higher value can be expected and the requirement to set up a bid consortia will become more commonplace as a consequence. New guidelines to help SMEs bid more successfully have been introduced and a new EU Directive on procurement will be implemented later this year. Continue reading

Workshop – Create Pitches that Win Sales & Investment

Trustev win SXSW

Trustev win SXSW

As a pitch coach specialist Andrew Keogh has heard thousands of pitches, the majority of which are completely forgettable, this Workshop will help you create memorable pitches that will win you sales and investment.
As a result of his 25 years experience as an entrepreneur and businessman alongside his 15 years as an Executive Coach and past President of the Professional Speakers Association of Ireland, Andrew has developed a system and tools that help start-ups win investment.

Who should attend Pitch Workshop?

Entrepreneurs, Founders & Researchers who want to be more successful when pitching.

Take Pat Phelan- CEO of Trustev’s advice:
“Andrew’s help and guidance was instrumental in preparing us for several vital stage presentations we had last year in New York, San Francisco, Germany,  the UK and Ireland. His outside perspective on how we could better tell our story was incredibly useful, its easy to forget that internal stories don’t always translate well outside the company. His techniques on communicating vital information points have become our default standard for all company communications. We couldn’t recommend him enough.”
Andrews’s system has been honed over years as part of his involvement with the following Accelerator Programmes:

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