Don Harris, Founder, TalkBack

What he stands for and his offering

Don Harris - Talkback

I have enjoyed a long association with marketing, radio and people focused communication.

Over my 30 year’s working with clients, management and employees to assist them with Engagement and Internal Communication and more productive ways to work together, I have found that by encouraging dialogue, creativity flourishes.

Listening to what your people have to say is one of the most powerful compliments and forms of recognition you can bestow upon them. Along the way you will get to know some truly remarkable people in the process.

I believe active listening, sometimes known as empathic communication, is the bedrock upon which great working relationships are formed and maintained in the workplace. How people interact, listen, talk and communicate at work is key to any leadership programme or strategy in order for a successful outcome.

I have a passion for leading people towards discovering their strengths and identifying areas where scope for development may be unearthed.

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Catherine Thomson, Founder, The Houston Exchange

What she stands for and her offering

andrew-keogh_aristo_partners_catherine_thomson_the-houston-exchangeCatherine is passionate about helping business leaders and their teams have conversations which lead to deeper trusting relationships between each other; collaborative working across functions; higher customer service and loyalty and more effective stakeholder management. She can transform the mindset and behavior of your leaders whilst delivering tangible benefits to your business.

The Houston Exchange is an organisation development consultancy based in Edinburgh. It exists to help organisations have powerful, profitable conversations that get things done, bring out the best in leaders and their people, and improve people and organisational performance. Trading since 1994, the company has a successful track record in delivering large organisational transformational change projects (from 6 months to 2 years’ duration). With UK-wide and international experience, we have worked in New York, Netherlands, Germany, South Africa, Tanzania, & Sudan. Her focus is leadership development and coaching at all levels of management in a wide variety of organisations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

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